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Grupo Paraguas


Grupo Paraguas is a group of restaurants of established standing on a national level, with a presence in Madrid since 2004 and that will be crossing borders with two ambitious projects at the end of 2019 in London and Dubai. At the helm are Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, the creators and opinion leaders of a new way of doing – and understanding – the restaurant business in the country.
Nearly 600 employees are behind the engine of the six restaurants that make up the group, all of which have a different concept, style and personality, but with the same common denominator: creating an unforgettable experience for the customer.
“El Paraguas” (2004), “Ten con Ten” (2011), “Ultramarinos Quintín” (2015), “Amazónico” (2016), “Numa Pompilio” (2017), “Aarde” (2019) and “Origen” (2019) are to be found within the international concept of fine dining, which can be defined as: excellent quality cuisine, high standards of service and unique environments in exceptional locations.



Located in the Plaza de la Independencia, at the foot of the Puerta de Alcalá and in the heart of the capital, AARDE was born, the sixth restaurant of Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, owners and directors of Grupo Paraguas.
AARDE is a tribute to the land and to all the riches it offers us and has given us throughout history. AARDE is the exaltation of purity and maximum respect for the product. With AARDE, Silva and Seco have looked to Africa and have returned to their origin in times, materials, forms and recipes.
The complete and original gastronomic proposal that is defined as “organic with African winks”, stars roasted vegetables, millenary cereals and brown rice that are accompanied by fish from the Strait and organic meats. Leading role also have in kitchen, honey, coffees and spices. AARDE is an explosion in the mouth that will mean a trip through each dish.


Beetroot, Mizuna and basil carpaccio

Beetroot carpaccio with Mizuna salad

Green leaf salad with ethiopian spice dressing

Rocket and watercress salad with nuts and spicy dressing

Vitamin K salad with chickpea croutons

Kale, baby spinach with chickpea croutons and vegan cesar dressing

Buckwheat assaffa noodles with granadilla

Cold buckwheat noodle salad with granadilla and seaweeds

Persea and green papaya with guinean peanut dressing

Avocado rolls stuffed with green papaya salad with peanut dressing

Aloe vera ceviche

Aloe vera cooked with lime juice, sweet potato and cilantro

Swede with ivorian attieeke and tamarind

Cross between cabbage and turnip with yuca fermented couscous

Tandoori cauliflower with almond and sijilmasa spices

Marinated cauliflower roast in an indian oven with spicy almond sauce

Gombo green curry

Okra curry and herb paste with whole grain rice

Grilled baby carrot with bimi and avocado honey

Orange and purple carrots with broccoli roast in the oven

Chingulugulu lasagne

African mushroom ragu lasagne with soy bechamel

Marinated sea bass with smoked maple dressing

Sea bass carpaccio with purple mustard leaf

White Prawn Fattoush

North African salad with cured white prawn

Char grilled queen scallops with yam
Citrus clams
Piri Piri oysters
Denia red prawns with toasted garlic mayonnaise
Char grilled Huelva carabineros
Galician razor clams with celery chlorophyll
Cockles and sirtaki spices
Whole grain rice with iberian pork and white kimchi

Wok-fried rice with fermented cabbage leaf and organic iberian pork

Senegalese thieboudienne with roasted vegetables and hake dewlap

Senegalese broken rice with roasted vegetables

Green rice shell with razor clams

Rice with herb stock and cockles

Red prawn jollof rice

Rice from the west of Africa with carabinero prawns and a roast garlic emulsion

Sea bream in escabeche marinade with baby sweet peppers

Estuary fish in escabeche marinade with cardamom

Skewered Hake with pak choy, sugar snap
and garlic and paprika sauce

Skewered Hake with pak choy, sugar snap and garlic and paprika sauce

“Wanazi” prawn

Sautéed prawns with “wa nazi” coconut milk

Cuca Preta Tuna

Bluefin tuna marinated in angolan beer

Wreckfish with wrinkled potatoes and honey vinegar

Saharan coast White fish

Bock tartare with wild blueberries

Venison tartare with blueberry and juniper dressing

Happy free-range chicken marinated with
South African Piri Piri

Free-range chicken marinated in piri piri sauce and orange juice

Veal fillet 200gr

Special gallega beef

Wagyu arrachera 250g

Black wagyu beef

Wagyu sirloin steak 150gr

Black Japanese sirloin steak

Craft ice creams (2 scoops)
Spiced fruit salad

Spiced seasonal fruit salad

Selection of Aarde ice creams

Tamarind, Vanila, Gorila, Goat’s milk and honey, Pistachio, Green tea

Seven-spice Chaitillas

Custard with spices and organic muesli

Xocolatl teobroma

Cold spiced chocolate drink

Pistachio and pear Baklava with pistachio ice cream

Turkish pastries filled with pistachios and pears

Returning to the origin

Creamy coffee and chocolate with guava and mint chocolate


Yuca and honey cake with chocolate ganache and sorbet

Fresh sheep’s curd, honey and fruit

Fresh sheep’s curd


Plaza de la Independencia 10, 28001 Madrid
Phone: +34 91 088 93 30
Opens: 1 pm – 12 am
Valet parking: Monday to Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm and from 8 pm to 2 am

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