In our terrace with the fusion of aarde and origen

Grupo Paraguas


Grupo Paraguas is a group of restaurants of established standing on a national level, with a presence in Madrid since 2004 and that will be crossing borders with two ambitious projects at the end of 2019 in London and Dubai. At the helm are Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, the creators and opinion leaders of a new way of doing – and understanding – the restaurant business in the country.
Nearly 600 employees are behind the engine of the six restaurants that make up the group, all of which have a different concept, style and personality, but with the same common denominator: creating an unforgettable experience for the customer.
“El Paraguas” (2004), “Ten con Ten” (2011), “Ultramarinos Quintín” (2015), “Amazónico” (2016), “Numa Pompilio” (2017), “Aarde” (2019) and “Origen” (2019) are to be found within the international concept of fine dining, which can be defined as: excellent quality cuisine, high standards of service and unique environments in exceptional locations.


Earth, music, spices, exoticism …
A journey to the roots of the African continent. A tribute to the earth and all the riches it offers us.
The land whispers stories with an intense voice but not everyone dares to hear or inquire into its secret language. In Aarde they talk to her and they invite us to do so by entering the landscapes of the African continent, its fauna, flora and endless cultures. Its infinite aromas and colors that they coexist in harmony in spaces full of music where they can play with the most primal instincts.
From its open kitchen come tribal ceramic plates and platters full of cheerful flavors and textures. Chingulugulu lasagna, bock tartare with wild blueberry or aloe vera ceviche are just some of the most innovative and unknown examples that you can find in Aarde. A journey through each dish in search of the authentic.
In Aarde you will feel that you are entering an unknown, risky world, but you will quickly appreciate that it is the return to the roots, the exaltation of purity and the maximum respect for our land.
It all started on a journey. The destination: Africa. The path: the roots.


Spicy green leaves with ethiopian dressing and berries
Vitamin K salad
Persea salad with green papaya and peanuts dressing
Caprese salad with burrata and organic tomato
Oyster piripiri
Spicy tuna uramaki with dutch cucumber
Ora king salmon uramaki with rocket and yuzu
Cured sea bass with smokey maple dressing
Red tuna poke with wild rice, cashew nuts and pineapple
Galician beef steak tartare
Nigiri Moriawase (6 pieces)
Sashimi Moriawase (6 pieces)
Pizza with mortadella
Pizza with picanton chicken piri-piri and portobello mushroom
Pizza with Wagyu cured ham, rocket and parmesan cheese
Pizza with morel mushroom
Tandoor-baked cauliflower with Sijilmasa spices
Gombo green curry with sweet basil and spinach
Semolina risotto with black truffle
Eco brown rice chaufa with white kimmchi and iberian sholderloin
Chingulugulu lasagna
Pork trotter stew with morel mushroom
Jollof  rice with carabinero prawn
Verdina beans stew with pheasant
Char-grilled baby scallop with sweet potato puré
Grilled carabinero prawn from Huelva
Wild hake with veggies and garlic
Red tuna with cuca preta sauce
Spanish monkfish with habanero sauce
Black grouper with honey vinaigrette
South African style picanton chicken piri-piri
Galician beef tenderoin
Chilean Wagyu denver steak
Black Angus skirt steak
Chilean Wagyu tenderloin
Dry-aged beef rack
Ice cream from our bakery (2 scoops)
Mbandi style chocolate with hazelnuts and salty caramel
Flan de sarrapia with haba tonka and bitter orange marmalade
Coconut torrija
Xocolatl teobroma
Baklava with passion fruits cream and pistachio
Goat’s milk panna cotta with honey and berries


Plaza de la Independencia 10, 28001 Madrid
Phone: +34 91 088 93 30
Opens: 1 pm – 1 am
Valet parking: Monday to Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm and from 8 pm to 2 am

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